Eye of the Tiki mug by VanTiki

Tiki Kon Gift Shop

Tiki Kon 2020 has been cancelled, but we will still be releasing more mugs and limited edition pins for purchase with shipping. We expect to re-open the gift shop sometime in late July. Please stay tuned!

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Limited Edition Event Mug by VanTiki


AVAILABLE IN JULY WITH SHIPPING. The official 2020 mug by VanTiki represents the old and the new in Tiki, with two different faces on its opposite sides. One face is smooth and shiny, with its eye open to the future. The other face is sculpted like weathered wood. If you order two, you can place them side by side to form a complete tiki face.

It's so simple, and yet one of VanTiki's most innovative Tiki Kon mugs to date. You'll regret not snagging a pair while supplies last...a collectible souvenir of "the Tiki Kon that never happened."

Eye of the Tiki "Conjoined" Enamel Pin


AVAILABLE IN JULY WITH SHIPPING. This special enamel pin by VanTiki features both sides of Tiki, the old and the new, as represented by the "Open Eye" side and the "Closed Eye" side. It's a collectible souvenir of "the Tiki Kon that never happened."

Blue, orange, and glow-in-the-dark white, with black metallic trim. Stands 1.5" tall with two pin bases, numbered on the back. Displayed on a card with VanTiki's artwork and certificate of authenticity.

Limited edition run of 250, numbered.